1Password’s Latest Feature Can Solve Your Biggest Password Frustration

There are plenty of password managers out there to choose from – services that can remember all the passwords you use online – and some browsers, like Google Chrome, have this feature built into them. But most of them have a flaw that 1Password hopes to fix.

When you sign up for something, you can take one of two routes. There is the typically longer process where you provide the site with your email address, a password, and possibly some other data to create an entirely new account. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up using your account details from another service, a generally faster option. Unfortunately, the second option will not be remembered by your password manager.

Back 4 Blood update: everything you need to know about Tunnels of Terror DLC

With the latest Back 4 Blood update comes the first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, bringing a whole new host of horrors to Fort Hope. There are new cleaners, new weapons, new cards, and more, as well as changes to balance and a slew of bug fixes.  

Back 4 Blood’s new expansion is a well-needed shot in the arm for the co-op shooter and good news for anyone looking for their zombie fix. Released on April 12, that’s available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The base game is on Xbox Game Pass too, but you’ll need to buy the DLC separately to play the new content.

God of War Ragnarok Rumors Are Getting Out of Control – Here’s What’s Really Going On

The God of War Ragnarok release date would be revealed today. But there was a change in plans.

That’s according to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, who says a God of War Ragnarok update was on the cards for today. according to one tweet (opens in new tab) he released earlier today, “very recently, there was indeed a release date announcement planned for Thursday, June 30th.”

Apple would like to remind you that it still thinks Samsung copied the iPhone

Some wounds never heal. Just ask Apple, the new champion of the spiteful.

As we were all celebrating the 15th anniversary of the original iPhone, Apple took a moment during a rather extensive and fascinating interview with Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal to once again call out rival Samsung for allegedly copying iPhone technology.

Wear OS 3 features and everything you need to know

Wear OS 3 is the biggest update to Wear OS smartwatches yet. Built in partnership with Samsung, it offers faster app load times, fitness tracking powered by Fitbit, a redesigned interface and more.

It’s a major update that could breathe new life into the operating system – if consumers and smartwatch makers alike adopt it.

Intel NUC 12 could be a mini PC powerhouse – and even play AAA games

It was only recently that a user of Chinese tech giant Baidu reportedly revealed Intel’s latest NUC mini PC, and now new rumors have surfaced about its full specs. And from what we can see, these leaked specs show just how powerful these mini PCs will be compared to standard gaming PCs.

The NUC 12 Enthusiast, codenamed ‘Serpent Canyon’, is a continuation of the NUC 11 ‘Beast Canyon’ which will apparently use the 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake CPU and the latest Arc A7 series GPUs.

PSVR 2 looks like the most streamlined VR yet

The first non-promotional image of Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 has been released, showing us just how streamlined the upcoming VR headset is.

Developer Bit Planet Games uploaded a photo of a PSVR 2 system on Twitter. Although the studio was quick to delete the post, likely for breaking an internal NDA with Sony, the image was reuploaded to reddit (opens in new tab).

Sony TV update solves annoying graphics issue for PS5 and Xbox owners

There’s great news for people who bought one of Sony’s ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ LED TVs from 2021 or 2022 and who play games on it using a PS5 or Xbox Series X – you’ll now be able to get full video quality and VRR ( update variable) at the same time!

Until now, enabling variable refresh rates on Sony’s LED TVs that use its XR Cognitive Processor disabled the backlight’s localized dimming feature, meaning you didn’t get as good HDR contrast if you had VRR. activated. We still rate some of these TVs as being among the best TVs for gaming due to their other great features, but that was definitely a huge frustration.

The Cast of Stranger Things Wants to Watch the Season 4 Finale With You – Here’s How

Stranger Things fans rejoice! Netflix has announced a star-studded online party for the season 4 finale of the sci-fi series – and everyone is invited.

In partnership with live streaming service Scener, the streaming platform is hosting a virtual screening for the world premiere of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 on Friday, July 1st, with stars David Harbor (Hopper) , Brett Gelman (Murray), Joe Quinn (Eddie) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Peter) in attendance as A-list guests.

AMD can follow in Nvidia’s DLSS footsteps with FSR 3.0 frame rate boost

AMD may be planning to take a different direction with FSR in the future, and if a clue highlighted on Twitter is anything to go by, Team Red’s intention is to develop the framerate boosting technology along AI-powered lines – as well as Nvidia DLSS.

This theory is based on a tip tweeted by well-known hardware leaker Greymon55, who detected a new commit in the LLVM repository that is about the introduction of WMMA (Wave Matrix Multi-Accumulate) instructions in GFX11.

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