13 movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more in September 2022

September 2022 is almost here, and, with it, comes a changing of the seasons. The nights are starting to get longer, cooler, and darker (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and, subsequently, we suspect you’ll be staying indoors more often than not.

Still, you won’t be struggling for things to watch if you favor a cosy night in. Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and other popular streaming services will be delivering a bounty of new content to check out in September, ranging from highly anticipated TV shows to potentially big movies.

New Ad-Level Netflix Can Cost $7-$9 a Month

We know that Netflix will feature a cheaper ad-supported tier, but what we don’t know is how much cheaper it will be. A new report suggests that $7 to $9 is the price Netflix executives are currently considering.

That’s by sources talking to Bloomberg (opens in new tab), and the streaming service is believed to be inserting around four minutes of ads into every hour of programming for that specific level. Netflix will apparently show ads before and during shows, but not after.

Steam Deck 2 is planned, Valve assures us

Valve will release a Steam Deck 2 in the future, according to an eBook that was recently published by the company about its portable gaming PC and SteamOS.

the free booklet (opens in new tab) (what Games on Linux (opens in new tab) flagged) makes it clear in no uncertain terms that there will be a Steam Deck sequel, doing so in several places in the final chapter, which focuses on the topic of the future. In fact, the chapter title itself mentions that there will be “more Steam Decks” as well as other versions of the SteamOS operating system.

This Week’s Best PC Games You May Have Missed

Even when AAA game releases end until the next big release season, there are still plenty of delicious indie snacks that can help you out or even create your own tasty and uniquely flavored meal.

This week, we’ve got plenty of indie games to suit any palette, from the monochrome horror of Silt to the dark and devious action of Cult of the Lamb or the love letter of the retro game Arcade Paradise.

Sony A95K QD-OLED 4K TV Wins Big at EISA Awards

Sony’s next-generation Sony A95K 4K TV took home the grand prize at this year’s EISA Home Theater & Display Awards.

The flagship of the 2022 Sony TV lineup won the ‘Best Premium OLED TV’ award, beating strong competition from Samsung’s S95B QD-OLED TV, which was named runner-up.

Jungle could be Prime Video’s next surprise hit

The first teaser for Prime Video’s Jungle has arrived online – and based on what we’ve seen, it has the potential to be Amazon Studios’ next surprise hit.

In a press release, Amazon Studios also revealed the release date for the remarkably groundbreaking music TV series. The UK-produced Prime Video show will launch worldwide on Amazon’s streaming service on Friday, September 30 – four weeks after the arrival of another potentially massive Prime Video series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. . If both TV shows are the big hits that Amazon expects them to be, it could be a very productive September and October for the company’s streamer.

Take-Two reveals new Lord of the Rings game, promising a ‘different’ time in Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings remains a popular target for adaptations and now, we find that a new Middle-earth game has entered development with Take-Two Interactive.

Developed by the interactive games division of Wētā Workshop, this announcement ties in well with the release of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power next month, in which Wētā Workshop is also involved. The Outer Worlds, Hades and OlliOlli World.

India will adopt USB Type-C as standard charger like EU: Report

Recently, the European Union and Brazil took steps to implement a common charger for electronic devices. Eliminating the use of Apple’s Lightning port and micro USB in favor of USB Type-C.

reports (opens in new tab) suggest that India will also follow suit and is exploring options to make a charger and port for all devices. And as in the EU, the port chosen would be USB Type-C, as it is one of the most popular among devices.

I can’t believe this is the best feature on the Xbox Series S

I became obsessed with the smoother feature of the Xbox Series S.

After buying the console for a bargain price, I did what many new Xbox owners would do: subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and download an exorbitant amount of games that far exceeded the number I could reasonably commit to. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Doom Eternal, Sniper Elite 5, even Fable and a host of other 360-era classics. I downloaded them all, before happily running between them – no matter how big my backlog of half-finished games.

AMD Could Time Ryzen 7000 CPU Release To Derail Intel Raptor Lake Reveal

There were rumors that AMD was planning to release its Ryzen 7000 processors – as it hit shelves and be available for purchase – on September 15th, but a new leak suggests Team Red has pushed back that date and the new intended timeframe happens. to coincide with the expected release of Intel Raptor Lake.

That’s the word from sources who spoke to Wccftech (opens in new tab)who believe that AMD has moved the release of next-gen CPUs based on Zen 4 to the end of September.