This iOS 16.1 Update Makes Dynamic Island Even More Useful

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island is now a little more dynamic. iOS 16.1, which was officially released on millions of iPhones this week, brought new gesture controls to Apple’s groundbreaking notch replacement.

Only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Dynamic Island not only moved the True Depth Module below the top edge of the iPhone, it also created a fungible island of functionality. From a technical point of view, Dynamic Island is actually two Super Retina Display XDR screen cutouts, one pill-shaped and the other wider and cylindrical. Apple deftly uses the tiny bits of pixels between the two shapes to create what appears to be an animated, fully dynamic digital island.

Inside the dynamic island are activity symbols to indicate if, for example, your phone is locked, playing music or providing map-based directions. It may appear to expand to provide more map details or perform a Face ID check. In other words, Island, which also supports third-party apps, is designed to be many things for many people.

(Image credit: Future)

In iOS 16.1, it gains another trick. Live Island is already capable of displaying two apps running at the same time, but they usually look like two separate islands with home screen pixels separating them. Now, with a gesture, you can easily hide an activity. Apple has confirmed that this feature, which first appeared in iOS 16.1 beta, is now part of the public download.

Philips announces Evnia, a PC gaming brand for gamers who hate stale ‘gamer’ design

This week, monitor maker Philips unveiled a new brand called Evnia that the company hopes to re-establish its position in the lucrative market for gaming-specific computer accessories.

Philips is a well-established and respected computer monitor maker, although it hasn’t had a specific gaming brand before. The closest Philips has come is with AOC, a Philips brand that makes some of the best gaming monitors on the market, but makes monitors for many different audiences, not just gamers.

iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 betas show new collaborative features and useful bug fixes

Apple wasted no time releasing the first beta version of iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 to developers just days after the public release of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1.

Looking at the official release notes (opens in new tab), we see that the beta will finally allow people to get their hands on the Freeform iPad app, which was first revealed in June 2022 during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It is a digital canvas that allows users to collaborate on projects alongside others. Stage Manager is seeing the return of support for external displays, but only for iPads M1 and M2 as Apple continues to figure out what to do with the desktop management app.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Brings iPad Features to E Ink

We’ve been fans of Onyx’s Boox ereader and tablets for some time, especially the Boox Nova Air C, one of our picks for the best ereader. The Air C has a color LCD layer on top of the black and white E Ink, but now, the company is taking its E Ink even closer to full-featured tablet territory, adding features we normally expect in a tablet like the iPad. 10.9.

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a 10.3-inch E Ink tablet with a 16MP camera on the back, a feature we would never expect paired with an E Ink display. OE Ink is very slow to update, but Onyx did a tremendous job getting the Boox Tab Ultra moving as fast as possible. The tablet has an 8-core Qualcomm processor and a GPU that Onyx says is tailor-made for faster refresh rates on its display.

The 16MP camera on the Boox Tab Ultra (Image credit: Onix)

The camera will not be used for normal photography, we suspect. Instead, the Onyx praises the sensor’s ability to photograph and scan documents, which is more in line with the technology. We’re curious to see how the E Ink handles viewfinder tasks with the camera.

Nothing Ear (stick) will have the price, but maybe not everything you want in headphones

Delivering on its initial promise, smartphone company Nothing has officially unveiled its second audio product: the mid-range Ear (stick) headphones.

In preparation for the revelation, there were some leaks which showcased the cosmetic-inspired design of the Ear (stick), which admittedly looks pretty cool. Headphone charging cases often have a square design, but nothing has gone for a more cylindrical look with a splash of red. Aside from its design, not much was known about the device internally, other than the company’s claim that the Ear (stick) was its “most advanced audio product yet”. Nonetheless looking at the ad (opens in new tab)that really isn’t the case.

Nintendo eShop Scammers Helped This Indie Game Reach Number One

The story of Let’s Build a Zoo is one of confusion, surprise and scammers. Something that reflects what it’s like to develop smaller games in this industry.

When Springloaded developers went to bed the night after the pre-order went live, I doubt they could have imagined what they would wake up to in the morning. The next day, its pre-sales skyrocketed, a momentous occasion for any indie game developer. But there was just one problem, 85% of Nintendo Switch pre-order sales were from Argentina. Sounds a little suspicious.

Lots of hard science fiction and ‘you’d die in space’ says Starfield’s Todd Howard

Now that the countdown to Starfield has begun, Bethesda is laying the groundwork for what we can expect from the game. Starfield’s relationship with hard science fiction is number one on the list today.

“Starfield is more science fiction for us,” creative director Todd Howard said in a Q&A video. That is, we probably won’t see space wizards, but rather that what happens in the game exists within the realm of scientific possibility. While most science fiction is based on science and the known possibilities of our universe, it can still bend the rule of thumb of what is and is not possible in our physical universe. In hard science fiction, you’ll largely see technology that theoretically could exist, along with the limitations that come with it – like long travel times.

New Sonic Frontiers Trailer Shows a Series for the First Time – Combat That’s Really Fun

The positive buzz around Sonic Frontiers continues with the release of its latest gameplay trailer, demonstrating combat and updates.

Sonic Frontiers Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch on November 8, it won’t be a simple A-to-B race across the Starfall Islands. Sonic will have plenty of alien-like enemies to deal with along the way. Fortunately, the latest trailer for the game shows that our boy is prepared to take them on with a new and improved arsenal of attacks and abilities.

Xbox Games with Gold October 2022: Free games now available

Looking for the latest free Xbox Games with Gold titles? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s 2022 now, as October has arrived once again, bringing us a whole new list of free games to try if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member.

Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can usually claim four games per month, but this month there are only two free games available because (as of early October 2022) Xbox 360 titles are no longer part of the offer (opens in new tab). It’s unfortunate but not surprising given that Microsoft mainly focuses on Xbox Game Pass offerings these days.

Your gadget attachments are getting in the way of junk e-mail recycling

Samsung recently published the results of a survey conducted on American users’ attitudes towards e-waste, and the results speak to their reluctance to recycle.

It turns out that many people have a hard time letting go of their old devices and this is contributing to an increasing amount of global e-waste. This one information comes from the Green Print Survey (opens in new tab) that Samsung conducted with global intelligence firm Morning Consult. They asked 2,210 people over the age of 18 what prevents them from being greener.