DJI Avatar: Everything we know so far about the alleged drone

DJI will follow up the launch of its excellent DJI Mini 3 Pro with a more unusual drone, if the growing rumors are correct. The DJI Avata, as recent leaks have called it, appears to be a ‘cinewhoop’ drone with 3-inch propellers – meaning it might be able to shoot dramatic indoor scenes.

What is a cinewhoop drone? These small models often have built-in propeller guards and are designed to fly in tight spaces or over people. That means the Avata would be different from the rest of DJI’s current range, which is primarily designed for shooting epic footage outdoors.

An earlier render of the supposed DJI Avata cinewhoop drone. (Image credit: DealsDrone)

Naturally, that means the DJI Avata has a radically different design than its other drones, and some apparently leaked images seem to confirm this. We can expect to see some large, built-in protectors and potentially some new FPV Goggles to match the Avatar.

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