Benchmark RTX 4090 Ti may have leaked and it looks pretty impressive

There have been tons of rumors and conjectures around the existence of an Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti in development. But now it looks like the tech rumor may have new information about the alleged GPU, as well as the 16GB RTX 4080 version.

According to new leaks reported by neowin, we may have some early benchmark scores for the RTX 4090 Ti. In the Blender 3.3 test, there is a mysterious ‘Nvidia Graphics Device’ listed along with the 4080 and other GPUs. The unnamed card scored 12,906.07 points, which puts it 6.6% higher than the RTX 4090 and lends to the rumor that this could be the 4090 Ti. Meanwhile, the 4080 scored 9,478.64 points, which is about 22.5% lower than the 4090’s score of 12,107.64.

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